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Products Applications Benifits
Inno-Lith UV and EB curable Lithographic Inks  Folding cartons, labels, flexible packaging, commercial printing, web and sheet-fed presses Outstanding lithographic performance, low dot gain,  enhanced color strength, high gloss, high speed, excellent cure
Inno-Coat EB coatings for food packaging  Folding cartons, labels, flexible packaging High gloss, excellent adhesion to plastic substrates, controlled coefficient of friction
Inno-Coat UV coatings  Folding cartons, labels, flexible packaging, commercial printing, industrial applications. Web and sheet-fed presses, off line coaters, flexo, screen and roller coaters High gloss and matte, good abrasion resistance, flexibility
Inno-Lam EB lamination adhesives Film to paper and film to film applications, in-mold labels High bond strength, high clarity, improved flexibility, low curl
Inno-Flex UV flexographic inks Labels, flexible and rigid packaging Outstanding adhesion to plastics, good flow and high color strength
Inno-Lam UV Cold Foil  lamination adhesive Labels, shrink sleeve flexible packaging Excellent adhesion and bond strength, high degree of flexibility
UFC UV cationic flexographic inks, coatings and adhesive Labels, security printing, metal decoration, shrink sleeve flexible packaging Perfect adhesion to most challenging substrates, including PET, PETG, PP, PVC, PA, aluminum foil and glass
Inno-Jet UV and EB curable Ink-Jet inks  Glass decoration  - room temperature and kiln firing systems. Free radical and cationic systems Good adhesion to glass,  good performance in high temperature sintering
Water-based coatings and inks Specialty clear and colored coatings for industrial applications Excellent resistance properties on difficult substrates
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